September 20 & 21

Scottish Celebration!!

Village Rules
Please note and observe our rules of the village:
  • No refunds/No rainchecks. Pets are NOT allowed. An ADA approved vest/hanger wearing service animal is allowed.
  • No beverages in through the gates (1 personal size sealed from the manufacturer bottle of water permitted per person). Food is permitted but no coolers are permitted through gates.
  • Smoking is allowed only in Designated Smoking Areas (DSAs). All other areas are smoke free.
  • No weapons (costume or real).
  • Patrons are welcomed to wear costumes suitable for a family-friendly atmosphere to get into the spirit of the event! All performers are paid by the King's purse and scheduled by the Artistic Director. No non-contracted performances are permitted.
renfestHandicapped parking is available next to our Main Gate. When entering the parking lot, follow the signs to the designated handicapped parking area.

2014 Maryland Renaissance Festival


Online ticket sales for Sunday September 21st
have been suspended due to high volume while the ticket windows are open.  At this time ticket windows are the only outlets.  PLEASE check our website for any announcements about the potential to be sold out before leaving for the festival.  Notice will be posted if it looks as if we will sell out as early as an estimate can be made.




2012 Best Character

Submitted by Buddy Secor 




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