Entertainment Support Staff

Artistic Director & writer Carolyn Spedden
Directors & Assistants:

Tom Plott, Associate Artistic Director, director of Fight Corps, stage shows & interactive theatre.

Mary Ann Jung, Royal Court Director and interactive theatre instructor.

John Sadowsky, director of The Mystery Revealed and interactive theatre instructor.

Randy Dalmas - director of Much Ado About Nothing

K. Tony Korol-Evans, John Sadowsky, Michele G. Schultz- STREETspeare directors

Michele Schultz, Liz Demery Bragg, Mike Field - interactive theatre instructors.

Fight Choreographers

James Frank, Geoff Thompson

Costume Designer

Cindy Andersen

Stage Managers

Liz Armour,  Katherine Offutt, David Olsher, David Sadowsky

Stage Show Musical Director & composer

Catherine Palmer