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Musicians & Dancers

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The Jackdaws
The Jackdaws The Jackdaws deliver original, contemporary, and traditional Irish Rock to audiences across the land. This trailblazing trio will excite and have you coming back for more with their driving melodies and relentlessly aggressive lyrics. More Irish than a drunken roar, and a damned sight messier, meet The Jackdaws. Performing 9/16 - 9/17.
Seamus Kennedy
Seamus Kennedy New to the Festival! Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Seamus has been entertaining audiences all over the United States for four decades. He has won the WAMMIE (Washington Area Music Awards) for best Irish/Celtic vocalist many times, and his performances are noted for his lively sense of humor and banter with the audience. Performing 9/2,3,4. Photo by Richard Dorbin.
Kristin Rebecca
Kristin Rebecca Kristin's beautiful harp playing is matched by her angelic voice. You can hear her on the pathways of Revel Grove performing music that ranges from dance worthy jigs and reels to haunting ballads www.kristinrebecca.com.
Larksong, a capella ensemble
Larksong, a capella ensemble Drew Carlson, tenor; Martha Connolly, alto; Andrea DeSanti, soprano; David Pumplin, baritone/bass; James Raistrick, tenor; Janet Simons, soprano; Kevin Powers, bass. Larksong is a close troupe of harmonious voices who love the sound and the performance of beautiful a capella music. www.larksongsings.com Performing 8/26,27; 9/23,24; 10/14,15.
Darcy Nair, hammered dulcimer music
Darcy Nair, hammered dulcimer music Darcy specializes in traditonal Celtic music played on the magical sounding hammered dulcimer. www.darcynair.com Performing 9/9,10,23,24; 10/7,8,21,22.
Natterjacks Craig Williams, Darcy Nair, Claudia Harrison, Lisa Oberg. What do you call a band that has two retired Pyrates, a former gypsy, and a nice Irish girl from a nice Irish family? Why not name it after a toad with a distinctively loud and obnoxious call? This new group of folk music virtuosos from acclaimed bands The Pyrates Royale, Gypsophilia, and The O’Danny Girls strives to sound more pleasing to the ear than its namesake. Natterjacks are among the more well-traveled of the amphibians, and our repertoire reflects this with wide-ranging music from English, Celtic, maritime, and middle eastern traditions. Guitar, violin, hammered dulcimer, concertina, flute, percussion, and a chorus of lush vocal harmonies make for a rich and innovative sound. You’ll love Natterjacks, warts and all! Performing: 8/26,27; 9/9,10; 9/23,24; 10/7, 8, 14,15, 21,22.
Painted Trillium
Painted Trillium Kristin Rebecca - voice, harp, guitar; Susan Meyer - hammered dulcimer, Irish whistle; Rob Meyer - octave mandolin, guitar, bodhran. Performing 9/9 - 10/22. Painted Trillium performs traditional Celtic songs and tunes plus a few surprises. Find them on the pathways of Revel Grove. www.paintedtrillium.com.
Pipe Organist
Pipe Organist Gary Schwartz Renaissance organ music played at 10am & 6:15pm daily at the Lyric Stage. www.musicbythemaster.com
Piperjones Piperjones (EJ Jones), is an award-winning piper and teacher at piping workshops across the USA. Piperjones plays the best tunes of the past 700 years on both Highland and Renaissance bagpipes, with friends on percussion and bouzouki, creating a beautifully tuneful, danceable show. www.piperjones.com
Pub Sing-along!
Pub Sing-along! Join host Caoimhe McDonah (Melissa McGinley) , the villagers of Revel Grove, and the Royal Court as they lead the audience in a rousing sing-along of traditional English, Irish and Scottish drinking songs and sentimental ballads at the White Hart Tavern.
The Pyrates Reunion
The Pyrates Reunion Erik Booker, Jenn Bell Garman, Damon Hersh, Brad Howard, Matt Salisbury, Tim Shaw. New group, old sailors! The Pyrates Reunion brings back some of your favorite piratical musicians in a show featuring high energy, crowd rousing tunes with a few ballads thrown in for good measure. Special guests for Pirate Weekend only, September 30 & October 1st.
The Rambling Sailors
The Rambling Sailors Greg and Susan Csikos Both successful soloists, Greg and Susan have joined forces to present a show full of harmonies that please the ear and lift the spirits. Greg was a founding member of the piratical sextet, The Corsairs before launching his solo career. Susan has been performing as Rosie Peaseblossom at Renaissance Faires and on Tall Ships since 1992. www.ramblingsailors.com Performing 8/26- 9/24.
Renaissance Revelers, madrigal ensemble
Renaissance Revelers, madrigal ensemble Monica Boruch, Karen Cain, Van Corey, David Jackson, Laura Kawa, Margo Lehman, Michael Pierson, Matt Roberts, Randy Rogers, Rebecca Rogers, Meredith Stewart, Katie Wanschura, Viola Whieldon, Theresa Younger. The Renaissance Revelers is an ensemble performing Medieval and Renaissance music from several European nations. They have performed at the MD Renaissance Festival since 1987. Other venues include the National Cathedral, White House Christmas celebrations, Walter's Art Museum Brookside Gardens and First Night celebrations in addition to government, corporate and private events. http://www.last.fm/music/The+Renaissance+Revelers Performing 9/16,17,30; 10/1.
Maggie Sansone - Hammered dulcimer extraordinaire
Maggie Sansone - Hammered dulcimer extraordinaire Maggie Sansone America’s premier hammered dulcimer player and recording artist. Maggie Sansone’s pioneering artistry has brought the ringing beauty of her music to hundreds of thousands of music lovers around the world. Maggie is the recipient of numerous WAMMIE awards from the Washington area Music Association for Irish/Celtic instrumentalist. Maggie's music will soothe thy soul, dazzle, and delight with tunes from the ancient Celtic lands. Don't miss the Maggie's Music Celtic show at Reveler's Bower with Bob and Sue Esty on selected Saturay. And Maggie's Celtic tunes with Rover-dance, dancing puppets in the pathways is fun for the whole family! For bookings, tour schedule, and recording information, visit her website at www.maggiesmusic.com. Performing through October 1st.
Scales and Crosstones
Scales and Crosstones Saber Tompson, Jim Cason, Maggie Cason, Darriel Day, Molly Lindsey,Donna Smith Scales and Crosstones is a pirate band that specializes in melodic sea shanties and Celtic music. The band believes that music of the past can be enjoyed by the present generation. While keeping with tradition, their harmonies and rhythms shed new light on old songs. http://scalesandcrosstones.com/ Performing 8/26,27; 9/9,10, 23, 24, 30; 10/1 at the Pubs.
Seraphim, women’s quartet
Seraphim, women’s quartet Martha Lawrence, Charlotte Knapp, Phyllis Fong, Kathleen Peery Seraphim's four graceful ladies sing of life and love in Tudor England. The specialize in dances that evoke the spirit of the times, and offer humorous observations of the Court and its customs. Their songs of merry revels, animals, gypsies and pirates delight both the young and young at heart. Seraphim also appears in other eras and seasons. Please see www.seraphimquartet.org. performing 9/2,3; 10/8,14.