The Festival has ended for 2018. Thank you to all our visitors for a wonderful season and we look forward to seeing you August 24, 2019.
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Stage, Street Acts & Royal Court Events (2019 updates will be included soon.)

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Fractured Fairy's Tales
Fractured Fairy's Tales Michele Schultz. Laugh along with Mustardseed! She may speak Fairy but she knows how to delight and amuse you. Just don't get too comfortable in that seat, you may end up on stage in this unusual re-telling of a tale you thought you knew! Performing twice per day at the Crooked Cottage Stage from 8/26 - 9/24. photo by John Salim. http://www.taskmaskers.com/index.htm
Gabriel Q
Gabriel Q Gabriel Quirk. Gabriel Q is a puppeteer, costume and puppet builder and a variety performer. He has performed for 25 years at major Renaissance Festivals across the country. He has also performed at the Kim Tom Clown festival in Shaghai, China in 2008. For the past 10 years Gabriel has built and performed large puppets for the krewes of Orpheus and Muses for the Marti Gras parades in New Orleans. http://gabrielq.com/ Performing 9/8 - 10/21 in the pathways.
The Gwendolyn Show
The Gwendolyn Show One half of the popular Steele Sisters comedy sword fighting show, Gwendolyn Steele (Nicole Skelly) is making her way in the world solo. What kind of trouble can she get into? Join in as Gwendolyn explores life, the universe, and how to get a date! At the Lyric Stage and in the pathways.
Hey Nunnie Nunnie
Hey Nunnie Nunnie Peals of laughter ring like convent bells as the unconventional Mother Redempta and the mischievous, ukulele wielding, Sister Philomena Claire take to the stage in a dazzling display of improvisational and comedic escapades. 9/15- 9/23 only!
Hilby, the skinny German juggle boy
Hilby, the skinny German juggle boy Best described as a show without boundaries, Hilby is the living proof that being German doesn’t mean you can’t be funny. Hilby is an expert in juggling all sorts of objects and subjects. He also is amazing in countless circus and variety skills such as unicycling, balance stunts and more. Performing 9/29 - 10/21.
The Hoop Enchantress
The Hoop Enchantress Erin Jeannier is a performer with many circus skills: aerial silks, stilts, fire, and hoop artistry. She'll perform her hoop work in the pathways and stages here in Revel Grove, twirling as many as six hoops at a time on her body, feet, and even her nose!
Les S. Moore Will Steal Your Stuff
Les S. Moore Will Steal Your Stuff Making the world a better place, 20 court-ordered minutes at a time. Reformed pickpocket, Les S. Moore reveals the insider tricks dippers use to steal your things, without you even knowing. Les is one of the world’s top stage pickpockets, can perfectly fold a fitted sheet, invented gravity, and is a prolific practitioner of prevarication. For more surprises, for more laughs, Les S. Moore.
The London Broil
The London Broil A charming and innovative mix of free-flow comedy and fantastic team juggling. AJ, Louie and Matt have performed thousands of shows together nationwide since 1999. Three different shows: “Blades of Fury”, “Juggling well Done” and “Lets Loose” where nothing is planned and anything goes! Visit them at www.thelondonbroilshow.com. Performing on the Royal Stage from 8/25 - 9/23.
Militia Tent
Militia Tent James Frank, manager. Rick Herlinger, Rob Slater & Fight Corps. Have you ever wondered what skills it takes to outfit the King's army? How you make bows and arrows? Interested in seeing demonstrations of metal, leather and wood working? Visit the village Militia tent, near the Jousting arena, and see these skills demonstrated. Weapons makers and fight combatants will be available to answer your questions and tell you more about weapons and life in the Tudor times.
Musical Merrymaking & the Maypole!
Musical Merrymaking & the Maypole! led by Maggie Sansone, Bill and Cathy Palmer. Come and dance the maypole and peasant dances. If you can walk you can dance and all ages are welcome! Merry melodies accompany the dances so come and join in, or simply watch the fun! Musical Merrymaking is from 10am - 11am near customer service. (Just look for the maypole!)
Once Upon A Whim Puppets
Once Upon A Whim Puppets Susan and Robert Meyer. Join the adventure as Calvin the Castle Keeper, Iona the Dragon and their friends try to stop Sir Nasty the Friendless from taking over the kingdom. Be prepared for intrigue and laughter every weekend on the Crooked Cottage Stage. The show is suitable for all ages. http://www.onceuponawhimpuppets.com
Out of the Box Mimes
Out of the Box Mimes Cybele Pomeroy, Garrett Pomeroy, Alaina Pomeroy, Erin Tarpley. What’s going on? Silent shenanigans in the street! Whether on stilts, blowing fabulous bubbles or fooling around on the ground, Out of the Box is a visual treat. They are sure to delight your eyes and warm your heart in the pathways of Revel Grove, performing 9/8 - 10/21.
The Perfect Touch with Columbina
The Perfect Touch with Columbina Michele Schultz. A courtesan was a well-educated independent woman who was believed to have high standards and very loose morals. That may be true, but Columbina would never tell...for free. Find out what makes this Courtesan the best of the best. Join Columbina for bawdy music, laughter, and more as she shows you how she achieved "The Perfect Touch." PG for mature themes. http://www.taskmaskers.com/index.htm
Pirate Escape
Pirate Escape Pirates are the scourge of the seven seas and the law is clear that they must be hunted down and captured. It’s also clear that we all want to see them escape, to sail again. Horatio Bachsjumpor, aka Captain Nobeard (Matthew Pauli), is always prepared in case he is captured. He will be shackled, chained, and secured in a crate. Can he slip his bonds and escape? At the Lyric Stage.
Puke & Snot
Puke & Snot Mark Sieve, Scott Jorgenson. One of the longest running and most successful acts in the history of renaissance festivals. Intense wit, flashy swordfights, and organic vegetables: the laughs come in waves, often at racetrack speed. Their comedy owes as much to Abbott and Costello as it does to Avon’s Bard. A gallant romp of hysterical fun. http://www.pukensnot.com/ Performing at the Royal Stage on 10/6 - 10/21.
The Queen's Singers :  A Royal W(h)ine
The Queen's Singers : A Royal W(h)ine Stephanie Phelan, music director. Even royalty needs to vent sometimes! The Queen's Singers show their real feelings in a Royal W(h)ine fest; a bit of song and scuttlebutt. At the Reveler's Bower. Photo by David Sadowsky