Who's Who in our In-House Cast

The 2015 Acting Companies & Street Acts

The Royal Court

King Henry VIII

Fred Nelson

Queen Katherine of Aragon

Stephanie Phelan 

Cardinal Thomas Wolsey

Brian H. Reynolds

Henry Percy, 5th Earl of Northumberland

Brian Douglas

Henry, Lord Percy

Tim Torre

Lady Mary (Talbot) Percy

Kaylynn Creighton

Dr. Augustine de Augustinis, physician to Cardinal Wolsey


Arden Moscati

Elizabeth Howard, the Duchess of Norfolk

Jacqueline Chenault 

Maria de Salinas, Baroness Willoughby de Eresby 

Laurie Simonds

Mistress Jane Parker, Maid of Honour

Heather Howard

Will Somers, fool

James Vincent Murray
Royal Guards Ray Partenheimer, Peter Langsdorf
Royal Trumpeters Paula Riner Waltz, Bonni Beebe


Juana, Queen of Castile and Aragon

Mary Ann Jung





Imperial Ambassador Jehan Jonglet


Gene Valendo






Georg von Frundsberg, Field Commander for the Holy Roman Empire

Christopher Ellison

Veronica Gambara, Countess of Correggio 

Judy Streeb








The Village
 Mayor Francis Yaxley

John Sadowsky

Mistress Imogen Yaxley, new wife to the Mayor

Emily Karol

Sir Walter Yaxley, Justice of the Peace

Randy Dalmas

Lady Isobel Yaxley

Julia Williams

Drake Mansworth, sheriff

Thomas Plott

Ralph Clarke, scrivener

Steven Edward Kirkpatrick 

Hugh Prattle, town crier 


Eben Kuhns 

Benedict Quelch, stocksman & executioner 

Neel Madan 

Master Richard Fermor, Merchant of the Staple 

Mark A. Korol-Evans 

Mistress Anne Fermor 

K. Tony Korol-Evans 

Caoimhe (pronounced Keeva) McDonagh, alewife 

Melissa McGinley

Matthew Crispe, miller

Charles Boyington 

Joan Crispe, baker 

Ruta Douglas Smith

Edmund Mody, footman to the King 

Charlie Retzlaff 

Mistress Margery Malagrave, professional mourner 

Natalie Fairchild 

Johnnie Armstrong, notorious Scottish border raider 

Eric Poch 

William Scruby, yeoman farmer

Eli Pendry 

Jane Scruby, weaver 

Kathryn Martin

Sarah Scruby, shepherd


Taylor Payne 

Simon Canker, sturdy beggar 

Yoni Gray 

Nikolai Petrov, adventurer


Joe Grasso

FIGHT CORPS - The Village Militia


Nymblewyke James Frank
Captain Julienne Romero Geoff Thompson
Dash Rippington Casey M. Severn
Hamish Stuart Mike Martin

Henry "Harry" Knuckles

John Lasher
Johnnie Armstrong Eric Poch
Nikolai Petrov Joe Grasso
Margery Malagrave Natalie Fairchild

Street Acts
Actors and variety artists

Conundrum, street magician Todd A. Brown
Henry Hawkins, Master at Arms Norman Cary
Robert Cooper, spinner Eric Crouse
Eowyn Trotter Eowyn Ellison
Nymblewyke and his flea circus James Frank
Nan Mannerly Anne Frates
Sir Jack Halifax Rick Herlinger
Mabel Ascombe, silkwoman Elisabeth Herman
Nature of Mercy Tawn Jones, David De Angelis
Living Statue Moira Lee
Diego Natividad de la Estafa AKA Dinty the Moor, swindler Brian Wendell Morton
Out of the Box Cybelle Pomeroy, Erin Tarpley, Garrett Pomeroy and Alaina Pomeroy
Mimi the Mime Cybelle Pomeroy
Sir Real, the Puppet Man Gabriel Quick
Magician Mike Rose
Emily Needles, knitter Emilie Sadowsky
Columbina Andreini,  Mustardseed  Michele G. Schultz
Juggling School Heather Torisino, manager