The 2013 Acting Companies & Street Acts

The Royal Court

Photos by David Sadowsky unless otherwise noted.

King Henry VIII

 Fred Nelson

Queen Katherine of Aragon Stephanie Phelan Offutt
Edward Stafford, 3rd Duke of Buckingham Christopher Ellison
his sister, Anne Stafford, Lady Hastings Ruta Douglas Smith
Henry Courtenay, 10th Earl of Devon Brian Douglas
his wife, Gertrude, Countess of Devon  Judy Streeb
Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury Kimberly Tony Korol-Evans
Sir John De Vere Larry Peterka

Lady Elizabeth De Vere

 Paula Peterka
Master William Carey Jonathan Ezra Rubin
Mistress Mary Boleyn Carey

 Maureen Dawson

Master Thomas Wyatt   Arden Moscati
John Skelton, 'regius orator' and poet laureate Charles Boyington
 Alfonso d'Este, Duke of Ferrara Jonathan Yoke 
 his sister, Isabelle d'Este, Marchesa of Mantua Jacqueline Chenault
 Elisabetta Gonzaga, Duchess of Urbino  Laurie Brown
 Ludovico Ariosto, poet  Steven Kirkpatrick
Guards: Ray Partenheimer, Peter Langsdorf
Trumpeters: Ross Wixon, Tess Maseda


The Village
 The Yaxleys, formerly of Ickford
Photo by David Sadowsky 


 Mayor Francis Yaxley

John Sadowsky

 Sheriff Walter Yaxley

Randy Dalmas
 Mistress Isobel Yaxley, official hostess of Revel Grove Julia Williams



The Village's highest ranking member, according to herself:

The Widow Griply

Mary Ann Jung

her ladies maid, Marguerite (aka Margaret Dunne)

Beth Braden 



 The Hermit

 The Hermit  Tom Plott


Samuel Hatfield William Eissler
Grace Hatfield Claire Coyle
John Hatfield  Matthew Lewis

 Margaret Hatfield

 Elana Michelle





 Molly McCoy

 Melissa McGinley

Roseanna McCoy

 Kelsey Meiklejohn
Ciaran McCoy Scott Turner

Thomas McCoy

 Eben Kuhns

 Alice McCoy

Arielle Seidman



Masters Spittle & Sneed

Solicitors for all of your criminal needs


Christopher Spittle Jay Tilley
Nicolas Sneed Mark A. Korol-Evans



Carmita Gonzalez

 Natalie Fairchild

Nikolai Petrov

Joe Grasso



FIGHT CORPS - The Village Militia


Nymblewyke James Frank
Captain Julienne Romero Geoff Thompson
Dash Rippington Casey M. Severn
Hamish Stuart Mike Martin

Henry "Harry" Knuckles

 John Lasher

Anne Hatfield

 Erin MacDonald
William McCoy Eric Poch
Nikolai Petrov Joe Grasso

Company of St. George-
Household of Hengrave Hall

Alianor Percy, Duchess of Buckingham Bess Wilkins
Catherine Neville, Countess of Westmoreland Leigh Beck
 Mistress Kytson, guest of the Duchess Elisabeth Herman
 Master John Brooke, Esquire Charlton Howard
 Master Thomas Kemys, Marshall of the Hall Phil Wujek
Master Henry Hawkyns, Master At Arms Norman Cary
Master Edward Sybell, Barber Surgeon Todd Colvin
Master Andrew Corbett, Man at Arms Brett Farnum
Master William Cade (Kadie), cook John Pinkosz
Mistress Beatrice Hampton, midwife Bess Wilkins
Mistress Joan Harte, maid servant of the Household Brigit Gilvary
Lady Elizabetn "Bess" Deaton, Ladies Maid to the Duchess Sara Beth Dukes
Mistress Elizabeth Corby, ward of the Duke Caroline Corby
Mistress Elizabeth Edwards, ward of the Duke Ellawyn Odom


Street Acts
Actors and variety artists

Conundrum, street magician Todd A. Brown
Sir Barchan of Dinglebury Barchan
Eowyn Trotter Eowyn Ellison
Nymblewyke and his flea circus James Frank
Sir Jack Halifax Rick Herlinger
Molly Dangles - aerial artistry, acrobatics & more Moira Lee,
Diego Natividad de la Estafa AKA Dinty the Moor, card shark Brian Wendell Morton
Out of the Box Cybelle Pomeroy, Erin Tarpley, Garrett Pomeroy and Alaina Pomeroy
Mimi the Mime Cybelle Pomeroy
Sir Real, the Puppet Man Gabriel Quick
Magician Mike Rose
Columbina Andreini , Mustardseed & Stupina Michele G. Schultz
Juggling School Heather Torisino, manager
Fight School

Jim Frank (Nymblewyke), Mike Martin (Hamish Stuart), Casey Severn (Dash Rippington), Geoff Thompson (Capt. Julienne Romero)