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Costume Rentals

Maryland Renaissance Festival costume rentalFrom left to right, The Jester, Robin Hood, The Fair Maiden and The Rogue (in back). The Maryland Renaissance Festival's "Renaissance Rentals" Costume Rental Booth is open to all who visit us on any fair day. We are located in the first booth on the left, just inside the entrance of the fair. The costumes rentals are on a first come first serve basis. We do not reserve costumes ahead of time and all the costumes must be returned each day by 6:00 p.m.

When you come to the Maryland Renaissance Festival just be sure to visit us first for the best choices and our friendly and helpful staff will help fit and dress you. We even hold your clothes for you until the costume is returned.

Please note: When renting costumes for use at the Maryland Renaissance Festival, one must leave a valid driver's license at the rental booth until costumes are returned. We’re sorry but, there are no exceptions.


Costumes do not come in modern, off the rack sizes. We have a variety of costumes that will fit most adults from about a 28 inch waist to about a 50 inch waist. The costumes do not come with shoes, stockings or hats.


Maryland Renaissance Festival costume rentalWench and knightThe Lady of the Realm A long, full Tudor-style overdress with matching underskirt complete with a hoop shirt and a long strand of pearls. Each court costume is made of different fabrics - so no two are alike! ($60.00 on site// $75.00 off site)

The Wench – (seen left with the knight) A linen skirt which comes in various colors and ties with a drawstring around the waist, a white chemise, and a tapestry waist cincher. Think “Saint Pauly Girl”. ($20.00 on site / $30.00 off site)

The Fair Maiden – also comes with a linen skirt, a white chemise and a full, tapestry bodice ($25.00 on site / $35.00 off site)


The Lord of the Realm Your choice of a tapestry Doublet (as pictured) or a full Tudor Jerkin. Both come with a white cotton Renaissance-style shirt and black linen knee breeches  ($50.00 on site//65.00 off site

The Rogue – Blue cotton pants that tie with a drawstring around the waist, an off-white peasant shirt and a plaid vest in various shades of blue. This costume represents the lowest peasant class ($20.00 on site / $30.00 off site)

The Outlaw – Brown linen pants, a white shirt with collar and a green linen, over tunic. This is the “Woodsman” or “Huntsman” costume. Looks great when you add your leather belt ($25.00 on site / $35.00 off site)

The Soldier  - Grey cotton pants, an off white shirt and a burgundy arming jacket ($25.00 on site / $35.00 off site)

The Knight- Black cotton leggings, a white shirt and a long, two-colored Knights tunic ($30.00 on site / $40.00 off site)

The Monk – The Franciscan Monk, like Friar Tuck, is one size fits most ($25.00 on site / $35.00 off site)

Maryland Renaissance Festival costume rentalThe MonkCourt costumes are more limited in their sizes and are sometimes not available. They also only come in men’s and women's sizes. There are no court costumes for children.


These costumes come in a variety of sizes and will fit most children from about 2 years of age up. The costumes do not comes with shoes, stockings or hats.

Girls The Little Maiden – This costume comes with a long, cotton chemise and a tapestry waist cincher. The chemise comes in light and dark pinks, purples, blues, greens and reds. ($10.00 on site / $20.00 off site)

The Little Princess- This dress has a tapestry bodice with an attached full skirt. It also comes in a variety of colors. ($15.00 on site / $25.00 off site)

Jr. Miss Wench - This is the same costume as the Adult Wench only it comes in sizes to fit pre-teen and teenage girls who are too "grown up" for a little girl costumes but too small for an adult size. ($20.00 on site / $30.00 off site) Boys

Robin Hood – Comes with brown cotton pants, a white shirt and a green, cotton over tunic. Looks like a miniature version of The Outlaw. ($10.00 on site / $20.00 off site)

The Brave Squire – This costume comes with black, cotton pants, a white shirt and a two-colored, knights tunic. ($10.00 on site / $20.00 off site)

The Jester – A multi-colored tunic and pants that comes with a belt with bells. ($10.00 on site / $20.00 off site)

The Pirate – This costume comes with black, cotton pants, a white shirt, and a long, red, Pirates sash. Eye patch not included. ($10.00 on site / $20.00 off site)


Costume rentals are also available during the off-season for costume parties, New Year's parties, or just to wear around the house to overcome the anxiety of waiting for another Festival season to begin.

  • Off Site / Off Season rentals are only available to people living in the DC/Annapolis/Baltimore corridor. We do not ship our costumes.
  • We are not a full time costume shop. Rentals outside of the festival must be arranged by appointment only, between 10-4 Monday through Friday. You must have an appointment - please do not just show up.
  • Costumes are not available for outside rental from June 1 - November 1.
  • Our costumes are all from the Tudor/Renaissance period.

Contact our costume designer at mrfcostumedesigner@gmail.com for more details about off site, off season rentals, to make an appointment or for any other information.