The Festival has ended for 2018. Thank you to all our visitors for a wonderful season and we look forward to seeing you August 24, 2019.
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  • Musicians: a cd of your music. The music should be appropriate to the Renaissance Festival venue. Acoustic instruments only.  (EPK also accepted.)
  • Dancers: a video tape or dvd of your dance troupe. Please note that dance groups are expected to provide their own live music for the festival. The use of tapes or CDs are not permitted at the show.
  • your resume, references, and any PR (Public Relations) materials you may have
  • your salary request per day (no hat passing, although musicians can sell approved tapes and CDs at the end of each set). Musicians traditionally play 4 twenty-five minute sets per day (although more or less can be arranged). Dancers perform 3 twenty-five minute sets per day.
  • your availability. The MD Festival runs Saturdays, Sundays, and Labor Day Monday from August 24th  until October 20th, 2019. Full or partial contracts are possible. A partial run can be as short as one weekend or as long as five weekends. If you are interested in a partial contract, please state the weekends in which you are particularly interested.
  • All musicians and dancers are required to carry general liability insurance.

Proposals that do not include a salary request and availability information will not be considered seriously. Note: We are always willing to negotiate.


For serious consideration for the 2018 season, all proposals must be received by JANUARY 31, 2019. Materials mailed in will not be returned.

Electronic Press Kits, containing all of the information listed above, can be emailed to: carolyn@rennfest.com.

Or, you can mail your information to:

Maryland Renaissance Festival
Attn: Carolyn Spedden, Artistic Director
PO Box 315
Crownsville, MD, USA 21032


For FedEx or UPS deliveries send to:

Maryland Renaissance Festival
Attn: Carolyn Spedden
1821 Crownsville Road
Annapolis, MD, USA 21401