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2015 Musicians & Dancers List

All musicians may not be performing on all festival days. Please check with Customer Service for daily performance schedule.  Schedule is subject to change.





Abigail Palmer Group
Abigail Palmer, Eric Selby

With insightful lyrics, enchanting and riveting melodies on the harp and intricate rhythms from the drums, APG delivers an enthralling sound! 




Ballet Theatre of Maryland

Spies! Swashbucking! Stowaways!

Enjoy Pirates of the Caribbean? This is a must see! Inspired by the first documented acts of piracy on the Chesapeake Bay, Pirates brings to life an array of pirates, settlers and natives, who lived, loved, fought and died in the 17th Century Colonial America.  Intrigue, swordfights, and lost treasure come together through the power of dance to tell a comedic tale the whole family will enjoy!

 The Maryland Renaissance Festival is pleased to host The Ballet Theatre of Maryland in a special performance for Festival audiences. 

Bayfield Brass

Anthony Valerio, director.

Fantastic brass music masterly played.


World Music band Brinjal plays pulsating and lyrical songs from nations real and imagined, with a large dose of exotic rhythms and enchanting melodies from the Middle East.


Camerata Musica, singers of madrigals

Debby Bors, Sarah Brackbill, Dan Brandt, Sherri Calvo, Christine Carey, April Curnow, Laura Denz, Bruce Hampton, Stan Hopkins, Beth Hopper - director, Buckley Hopper,Brooke Hsu,  Katherine Lee, Katherine Marek, Nick Mecholsky, Harry Olson, Doreen Oster, Lynn Reggia, John Scheeler, Priscilla Wainwright

Camerata Musica is an energetic a capella madrigals troupe, performing in myriad languages and styles from sacred to silly and from medieval chants to love ballads.


Cat and the Fiddle Morris

Joseph Shelby and Cyd Shelby as William Larkin & Cydony Bowman

Fiddle and dancing on the pathways of Revel Grove. 



Consort Anon.

Marketa Ebert, Mary Anne Espenshade,  Eric Schwartz, Helen-Jean Talbott

For 30 seasons Consort Anon. has recreated the music of the Medieval and Renaissance periods to help Festival-goers better understand the music that might have surrounded Henry VIII's royal court as well as the peasants.  The Consort, named after that most prolific early music composer Anonymous, was formed in 1979 and played their first Renaissance Festival in the autumn of 1980.  When not in Revel Grove, the Consort performs at schools and church services.   



The Crimson Pirates 

Anne Alford, Dan O'Driscoll, Robin Flanagan,  Don Kilcoyne, Kelly Kilcoyne.

Prepare to be boarded!  Revel Grove's favorite out-of-town singing pirates sail in from New York.  They bring songs of lost love, spilt beer and cabin boys!  


Cu Dubh

Cu Dubh consists of musicians who have dedicated their lives to the study and performance of ancient music. David Macejka (2012 Grammy nominee), Mike McNutt and a variety of select performers have brought together their personal influences to create dark, original compositions played on the Great Highland Bagpipes and a barrage of drums from around the world. With influences from Scotland, Gaul, Galicia, Norway, Brittney, Ireland, Wales, German, India, Arabia, Africa and beyond, they call back to the ancient tribes in all of us.

It is music for the warrior in all of us. The long boat is here. The wolves are loose. The Ould Ways are back!


Dileab Phriseil

Dileab Phriseil (Gaelic for "Precious Heritage"), is an ensemble of friends that formed from a church group. Featuring traditional songs of Scotland and Ireland, in English and Gaelic, along with fiddle, whistle, bodhran, and other instruments, Dileab Phriseil endeavours to preserve the bequest for which it is named.



Drum Runners

Steve Wannall, James Gummer, Abigail Palmer

Drum Runners is a dynamic percussion troupe exploring the world of rhythm. With cool beats from every corner of the globe, we dare you to sit still for this one! At the Fortune Stage !


Dublin 3

Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, singer and guitarist Ray Murphy met fiddler Jennifer Belle in a pub one evening over a decade ago and the two have been entertaining audiences ever since. Drummer Kevin Shook adds a gentle bass feel on cajon to traditional Celtic tunes that will be sure to get you clapping along.



Bob and Sue Esty- Harp and Voice

Bob Esty - harp, voice, pennywhistle. Sue Esty- harp, voice, bowed psaltry, drum.

Bob and Sue perform Renaissance, Celtic, and folk music on harp, bowed psaltery, drum, voice, and whatever other instrument comes close to hand!  



Begorra Ditty, Celtic Harper

Abigail Palmer, an award-winning Celtic harper, can be heard performing Irish, Scottish, and English music from heart-felt airs to amazingly high speed reels.  She will be performing at Musical Merrymaking, in period plays, and she can also be seen playing djembe in the Drum Runners


Faith Ditty, Mistress of the Dance

Christa Palmer will delight the young and young at heart leading the maypole and peasant dances and she invites you to join the dance!  Also a prize-winning Irish stepdancer, Christa can be seen amazing audiences dancing to jaunty jigs and fast-paced reels.


Melodius Ditty & Harmonius Ditty

Cathy and Bill Palmer, playing fiddle, guitar, and bodhran, will make your toes tap and your heart sing playing merry tunes from Ireland, England, and Scotland.




 Fol-de-Rol, folk songs and madrigals

April Curnow, Sharon McKinley, Ellen Waff
The family-friendly vocal trio encourages audience participation, especially by children. Find them in the pathways and at Crooked Cottage stage.




Abby Green

Whether the song calls for energetic rhythms or chordal chords that echo the intensity of a broken heart, Abby plays her Irish Cittern and shares her rich, soaring voice to tell the tale in Irish, Scots Gaelic and English.



Gregory of Carrolton, guitarist extraordinaire

Greg Freyman
Virtuoso solo guitarist playing a large repertoire spanning many centuries. Versatile enough to play anything from “Bach to Rock”.    Performing August 29th to September 27th.  


renfest  James of Perry Hall, drummer & percussionist

James Gummer
James has been part of the “soundtrack” of the festival since 1997. Visit him online at 











The Hooligans

The band your mama warned you about is back FOR THE FULL RUN this season!  Find them at the pubs, spreading joy, music, and nothing a good vaccine couldn't cure.  The Hooligans specialize in Celtic music both rousing and beautiful.  If you are having trouble placing them from the photo on the left, the one below may help.


Key School Consort

Rick Layton, director.



 Kristin Rebecca

Kristin's beautiful harp playing is matched by her angelic voice. You can hear her on the pathways of Revel Grove performing music that ranges from dance worthy jigs and reels to haunting ballads  





Larksong, a capella ensemble

Drew Carlson, tenor; Martha Connolly, alto; Andrea DeSanti, soprano; David Pumplin, baritone/bass; James Raistrick, tenor; Janet Simons, soprano; Kevin Powers, bass.

Larksong is a close troupe of harmonious voices who love the sound and the performance of beautiful a capella music. 




The Mediaeval Baebes

From London, The Baebes have placed three albums into the top of the classical charts in the UK and performed for enthusiastic audiences in Europe, Asia, UK, Canada and the US.

The Baebes take the lyrics from medieval and romantic texts and set them to original scores using medieval and folk instruments while singing in an impressive array of obscure and ancient languages.  While the sound may be from the middle ages, their appeal is timeless!

The Baebes will perform on September 26th & 27th only. Don't miss them. 


Nero's Fiddle
Jennifer Botari, director

Nero’s Fiddle (Formerly the Trillingham Ladies Chorus) grew out of a stage act at the now defunct, but unforgettable, Ontario Renaissance Festival. For ten + years the girls have entertained at street festivals, Renaissance Festivals, Medieval Fairs and bars in Canada and the US. Cast as much for characters as singers, Nero’s Fiddle is as much about comedy as music, performing traditional pub songs with a fresh twist that’s at the same time both bawdy and beautiful. With their haunting harmonies and wry wit,the girls will have you laughing, singing and ‘rolling your leg over’ right along with them!
Performing: 10/3,4.

renfest  Darcy Nair, hammered dulcimer music.

Photo by James B. Gardner

Darcy specializes in traditonal Celtic music played on the magical sounding hammered dulcimer. 

9/12,13; 10/3,4,17,18.


 The O'Danny Girls

Edie MacKay (Ginger O'Danny), Lisa Oberg (Trinket O'Danny), Liz Demery Bragg (Daisy O'Danny)

The O'Danny Girls are three very nice girls who sing very naughty songs.  Join Ginger, Trinket, and Daisy for laughter, music, and familial dysFUNction.  Rated PG/R/OMG



Painted Trillium

Kristin Rebecca - voice, harp, guitar; Susan Meyer - hammered dulcimer, Irish whistle; Rob Meyer - octave mandolin, guitar, bodhran.

Painted Trillium performs traditional Celtic songs and tunes plus a few surprises.  Find them on the pathways of Revel Grove.  


Pipe Organist

Gary Schwartz

Renaissance organ music played at 10am & 6:15pm daily at the Lyric Stage.



Piperjones (EJ Jones), is an award-winning piper and teacher at piping workshops across the USA. Piperjones plays the best tunes of the past 700 years on both Highland and Renaissance bagpipes, with friends on percussion and bouzouki, creating a beautifully tuneful, danceable show.  






The Pyrates Royale

Brad Howard, Darcy Nair, Craig Williams, Damon Hersh, Ellie Cattle 

Since 1987, The Pyrates Royale has set the standard for comic singing pirate acts at festivals and events around the country. They play a mix of traditional and modern acoustic maritime music that rocks without being electric, sings without a string section and humors without a laugh track.

photo by John Kudlich, Pyrates at MDRF 2010 


The Rambling Sailors 

Greg and Susan Csikos

Both successful soloists, Greg and Susan have joined forces to present a show full of harmonies that please the ear and lift the spirits.  Greg was a founding member of the piratical sextet, The Corsairs before launching his solo career.  Susan has been performing as Rosie Peaseblossom at Renaissance Faires and on Tall Ships since 1992. 













Renaissance Revelers, madrigal ensemble

Monica Boruch, Karen Cain, Van Corey, David Jackson, Laura Kawa, Margo Lehman,  Michael Pierson, Matt Roberts, Randy Rogers, Rebecca Rogers, Meredith Stewart, Katie Wanschura, Viola Whieldon, Theresa Younger. 

The Renaissance Revelers is an ensemble performing Medieval and Renaissance music from several European nations.  They recently celebrated their 25th anniversary with a concert at St.John's Lutheran Church in Rockville, MD. They have performed at the MD Renaissance Festival since 1987. Other venues include the National Cathedral, White House Christmas celebrations, Walter's Art Museum Brookside Gardens and First Night celebrations in addition to government, corporate and private events.



Maggie Sansone - Hammered dulcimer extraordinaire

Maggie Sansone
America’s premier hammered dulcimer player and recording artist. Maggie Sansone’s pioneering artistry has brought the ringing beauty of her music to hundreds of thousands of music lovers around the world. Maggie is the recipient of numerous WAMMIE awards from the Washington area Music Association for Irish/Celtic instrumentalist.

Maggie's music will soothe thy soul, dazzle, and delight with tunes from the ancient Celtic lands. Don't miss the Maggie's Music Celtic show at Reveler's Bower with Bob and Sue Esty on selected Saturay.  And Maggie's Celtic tunes with Rover-dance, dancing puppets in the pathways is fun for the whole family!

For bookings, tour schedule, and recording information, visit her website at


Scales and Crosstones

Saber Tompson, Jim Cason, Maggie Cason, Darriel Day, Molly Lindsey,Donna Smith

Scales and Crosstones is a pirate band that specializes in melodic sea shanties and Celtic music.  The band believes that music of the past can be enjoyed by the present generation. While keeping with tradition, their harmonies and rhythms  shed new light on old songs.





Seraphim, women’s quartet

Martha Lawrence, Charlotte Knapp, Phyllis Fong, Kathleen Peery

Seraphim's four graceful ladies sing of life and love in Tudor England. The specialize in dances that evoke the spirit of the times, and offer humorous observations of the Court and its customs. Their songs of merry revels, animals, gypsies and pirates delight both the young and young at heart.  Seraphim also appears in other eras and seasons. Please see  


Janet Spahr, Handpan Music

Here from Carlisle, Pennsylvannia, Janet Spahr is happy to introduce her unique instrument, called a Handpan, to new audiences.  People are drawn to its distinct look and tranquil sounds.  Listeners have called her performances mesmerizing, and describe the handpan tones as "tranquil, ancient, and spiritual".  You can hear her CDs on iTunes and CD Baby if you search her by name.  View videos of her performances on her website,





Thomas Tallis,
master virginalist

Gary Schwartz.
A composer of the shire and master virginalist who performs on authentic reproductions of renaissance harpsichords (virginals).


Wine and Alchemy 

Wine and Alchemy is a unique World Music band performing original and traditional music derived from many different cultures and times including: Greek, Celtic. Gypsy, Medieval French, Sephardic, Turkish and others. Singer, composer, director, and musician Roxanne Bruscha adds to the visual of their live show by a unique World Fusion Belly Dance performance featuring veil spinning and sword balancing.  See them at Market Stage from October 10th -25th.



Wolgemut: Ancient Bagpipes and Bombastic Drums

Michael Gartner, director.

An ancient germanic word, "wolgemut" simply means, "to be in a good mood".  

 The group Wolgemut lives up to the name by fusing historic and traditional music, dance and comedy with a generous amount of “wolgemutness” turning every Wolgemut show into a high powered event; a Renaissance Rock concert!  For more information please visit the official Wolgemut website at:









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