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    The Maryland Renaissance Festival thanks all of our wonderful patrons, vendors, performers, and employees for a making our 40th season a memorable one. We hope everyone has a peaceful winter, and we look forward to welcoming you back to Revel Grove on August 26th, 2017.
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Entertainment The Festival has over eight stages, four performance spaces and numerous street acts. see the widest selection of entertainment from world record holders, magicians,comedic fools, singers and so much more. Photograph by Jennifer Walsh.
Craft A vast array of handmade wares available at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. Photograph by Joe Vescovich.
Games Experience the hilarious laughter from falling at Jacob's Ladder. Photograph of a young champion attempting Jacob's ladder at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. Photograph by Leslie Granda-Hill.
Jousting Come see unscripted full contact jousting, the official state sport. "Clashing Knights" 2015 Maryland Renaissance Festival Submitted By: Donna Headlee
Jousting Honorable Mention - Frank Tirrell - "De-horsed"
Crafts Over 100 artisans line the streets of Revel Grove. Learn about and buy different crafts sold by those who made it. Best Character Image - Honorable Mention Ken Ackman "Craftsman"
Food Photograph of pretzels at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. Photograph property of Maryland Renaissance Festival.