The Festival has ended for 2018. Thank you to all our visitors for a wonderful season and we look forward to seeing you August 24, 2019.
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Interested in performing at the Maryland Renaissance Festival in 2019?  Experienced actors age 18+ please read the information below.

Auditions are by invitation only.  If you are available for all performance dates AND you have no major conflicts (this includes week long vacations) in July/August and wish to be considered for an audition,  please send a picture and resume to Carolyn Spedden, Artistic Director: carolyn@rennfest.com.  

1. Auditions by invitation and appointment only.  Send your picture and resume to carolyn@rennfest.com

2.  Auditions will be held on Saturday, April 27th from 10am - 5pm, CALL BACKS will be held on Sunday, April 28th from  9:30am - 1:30pm.  You must have reliable transportation to both the auditions and the performances as no public transportation is available to the festival.  

3. Appointments will be scheduled to actors who have been invited. Actors should allot at least 2 hours for the entire audition process on the Saturday, and at least one hour if called back on Sunday. 

3. All actors need to prepare a Shakespearean monologue no longer than 90 seconds.  Bring a picture and resume

4. Actors become part of our acting company ensemble.  The acting company portrays villagers and courtiers in the year 1532. Characters will be involved in Pathway Performances, which can include improvisation and scripted events/shows during the day.  On top of that, actors can also take part in period plays.  Our improvisation is character-driven and actors are given workshops and classes in constructing a character and in the nature of our improvisations. We do not expect actors to have experience in this, just a willingness to learn.

There are also opporunities to sing, dance, and engage in stage combat as part of your performance day.

5. The Festival rehearsals and performances take place in an outdoor wooded setting. If you have extreme seasonal allergies, allergies to dust or mold, or asthma, please consider your health and the outdoor performing environment prior to auditioning. 

General information:

The Company of the Rose, the professional acting company of the Festival:

Actors over the age of 18 to perform in both scripted and improvisational events. These actors portray the villagers of Revel Grove and nobles from the Court of King Henry VIII. In addition to their historical characters, actors can take part in children’s theatre, Shakespeare and other period plays.

In 2019 we are pleased to announce the formation of The Company of Women. This all-women group will perform a one hour version of Julius Caesar. The play will be directed by Erin Riley. Dramaturge is Tony Korol-Evans, PhD. This performance will be at our Globe Theatre.

The Festival will also produce a 90 minute version of Romeo and Juliet. The play will be divided into 2 acts, each approximately 45 minutes. The first act will be performed around noon, the second act later in the afternoon. Both acts performed on our Globe stage. The director is Michael Burgtorf. The dramaturge is Mike Field.  NOTE: the title roles of Romeo and Juliet have been cast.  All other roles open.

We also have our popular STREETspeare program, which began in 2015.  These include short scenes by Mr. Shakespeare and other Tudor/ Elizabethan playwrights performed in the pathways. The STREETspeare scenes range in length from 4 minutes to 10 minutes. 

Because of the nature of our event, every actor will have a differnt schedule and focus.  But no matter what your schedule, you will stay busy and engaged!

Rehearsal Commitment:  Not all actors will be called for all rehearsals, but if you have another commitment to a show in July and August or a week long vacation, then please do not audition as the conflicts won't be accepted. 

Rehearsal Times:  First rehearsal is on Saturday, June 22nd from 10am - 5pm. This is an Acting Company all call.  From Sunday, June 23rd - Thursday, June 27th the rehearsals will be for Shakespeare work. 

There will be a 2 week break, then rehearsals pick up again on Saturday, July 13th.  Because every actor is involved in different shows, all actors are not called for all rehearsals. 

Rehearsals can be scheduled the following: Monday through Thursday evenings beginning at 7pm. Saturdays and Sundays from 9:30am to 5pm. There are no Friday evening rehearsals. Alternate Sundays are off during rehearals. 

Performance Dates:  Saturdays, Sundays and Labor Day Monday from August 24 to October 20, 2019. Performances are 10am- 7pm. Actors must be available for all 19 performance dates.

ALL PERFORMANCES ARE PAID. Actors also receive a rehearsal stipend. First year Acting Company contract: $2300,  which ncludes a $200 rehearsal stipend