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    The Maryland Renaissance Festival thanks all of our wonderful patrons, vendors, performers, and employees for a making our 40th season a memorable one. We hope everyone has a peaceful winter, and we look forward to welcoming you back to Revel Grove on August 26th, 2017.
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Entertainment Support Staff

Artistic Director & Writer: Carolyn Spedden

Directors & Assistants:

  • Tom Plott -Associate Artistic Director, director of Fight Corps, stage shows & interactive theatre.
  • Mary Ann Jung - Royal Court Director and interactive theatre instructor.
  • John Sadowsky - director of Gammer Gurton's Needle and interactive theatre instructor.
  • Randy Dalmas - director of As You Like It
  • Michele G. Schultz - director of Shakespeare's Women
  • Liz Armour, Erin Rose Branigan, Michael Burgtorf, Jacqueline Chenault, Brian Douglas, Emily Karol, K. Tony Korol-Evans, John Sadowsky, Michele G. Schultz - STREETspeare directors
  • Catherine Palmer- music designer for the period plays.
  • Mark Korol-Evans, Melissa McGinley, Stephanie Offutt - music directors for Pub Sing-Along.
  • K. Tony Korol-Evans, director/manager of Reveler's Bower; Mark Korol-Evans, assistant manager.
  • James Frank, manager of Militia Tent.

Fight Choreographers: James Frank, Geoff Thompson

Costume Designer: Cindy Andersen

Stage Managers: Liz Armour, Eowyn Ellison,  Katherine Offutt, David Olsher, David Sadowsky