The Festival has ended for 2018. Thank you to all our visitors for a wonderful season and we look forward to seeing you August 24, 2019.
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Musicians & Dancers

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Albannach Albannach is Scots-Gaelic for “Scottish” or “Scotsman”. Albannach is comprised of three Scotsmen and one Scottish lass, all born and bred in Scotland! Their fifth and newest member is an American born Scot, but they don't hold it against him. Albannach is not just another Scottish ‘Pipes & Drums’ band, their primal drumming and precise piping stirs the soul of anyone who hears them – young and old! One weekend only - September 29th & 30th at the Blackfriars Theatre.
Avon Faire
Avon Faire New this season! Avon Faire is a female singing group from New York City, featuring 3-part harmony vocal arrangements of traditional Celtic and English folk songs. Avon Faire consists of founding members Andriette Redmann and Kath Green on vocals and guitars; Anna Marie Spallina on vocals, recorder and percussion; and John Rokosny on drums and percussion, creating the unique Avon Faire sound. www.avonfaire.com Performing 9/22,23.
Ballet Theatre of Maryland
Ballet Theatre of Maryland BTM celebrates Shakespeare’s genius with the poignant, archetypal love story Romeo & Juliet. This tragic tale is told poetically and passionately through the fusion of dance, literature and Prokofiev’s magnificent musical masterpiece! Special performance Labor Day weekend only! 9/1,2,3 at 10:30am on the Globe Theatre! www.balletmaryland.org
Bayfield Brass
Bayfield Brass Anthony Valerio, director. Fantastic brass music masterly played. www.bayfieldbrass.com Performing Sundays, 9/9 - 10/21.
Camerata Musica, singers of madrigals
Camerata Musica, singers of madrigals Debby Bors, Sarah Brackbill, Dan Brandt, Sherri Calvo, Christine Carey, April Curnow, Laura Denz, Bruce Hampton, Stan Hopkins, Beth Hopper - director, Buckley Hopper,Brooke Hsu, Katherine Lee, Katherine Marek, Nick Mecholsky, Harry Olson, Doreen Oster, Lynn Reggia, John Scheeler, Priscilla Wainwright Camerata Musica is an energetic a capella madrigals troupe, performing in myriad languages and styles from sacred to silly and from medieval chants to love ballads. http://www.camerata-musica.net/ Performing 9/8, 9, 29, 30.
Consort Anon.
Consort Anon. Mary Anne Espenshade, Rachel Isaacson, Eric Schwartz, Cynthia Sutton Don Sutton, Helen-Jean Talbott For over 30 seasons Consort Anon. has recreated the music of the Medieval and Renaissance periods to help Festival-goers better understand the music that might have surrounded Henry VIII's royal court as well as the peasants. The Consort, named after that most prolific early music composer Anonymous, was formed in 1979 and played their first Renaissance Festival in the autumn of 1980. When not in Revel Grove, the Consort performs at schools and church services. http://home.earthlink.net/~consort_anon/index.htm Performing 8/25, 26; 9/15, 16, 22, 23.
The Crimson Pirates
The Crimson Pirates Anne Alford, Dan O'Driscoll, Robin Flanagan, Don Kilcoyne, Kelly Kilcoyne. Prepare to be boarded! Revel Grove's favorite out-of-town singing pirates sail in from New York. They bring songs of lost love, spilt beer and cabin boys! Performing 9/29,30; 10/13,14,20,21.
Cu Dubh
Cu Dubh Cu Dubh consists of musicians who have dedicated their lives to the study and performance of ancient music. David Macejka (2012 Grammy nominee), Mike McNutt and a variety of select performers have brought together their personal influences to create dark, original compositions played on the Great Highland Bagpipes and a barrage of drums from around the world. With influences from Scotland, Gaul, Galicia, Norway, Brittney, Ireland, Wales, German, India, Arabia, Africa and beyond, they call back to the ancient tribes in all of us. http://www.cudubhtribe.com/
Dileab Phriseil
Dileab Phriseil Dileab Phriseil (Gaelic for "Precious Heritage"), is an ensemble of friends that formed from a church group. Featuring traditional songs of Scotland and Ireland, in English and Gaelic, along with fiddle, whistle, bodhran, and other instruments, Dileab Phriseil endeavours to preserve the bequest for which it is named. http://www.dileabphriseil.com/ Performing 9/15,16 & 10/20,21
The Devil's Tailors
The Devil's Tailors New this season! The Devil's Tailors, a high energy Scottish Folk band based in Springfield, Virginia. They have performed regularly at John Strongbow's Tavern in Old Town Alexandria, VA, and have played at venues including the National Capital Tartan Day Festival in Alexandria, VA, the New Deal Cafe in Greenbelt, MD, the Royal Mile pub in Alexandria, The Southern Maryland Celtic Festival, and the Virginia Scottish Games. Performing 9/22,23.
Dublin 3
Dublin 3 Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, singer and guitarist Ray Murphy met fiddler Jennifer Belle in a pub one evening over a decade ago and the two have been entertaining audiences ever since. Drummer Kevin Shook adds a gentle bass feel on cajon to traditional Celtic tunes that will be sure to get you clapping along. Performing 9/15,16. http://www.dublinfive.com/
Faith Ditty, Mistress of the Dance
Faith Ditty, Mistress of the Dance Christa Palmer will delight the young and young at heart leading the maypole and peasant dances and she invites you to join the dance! Also a prize-winning Irish stepdancer, Christa can be seen amazing audiences dancing to jaunty jigs and fast-paced reels.
Melodious Ditty
Melodious Ditty Mistress Ditty (Cathy Palmer) plays fiddle and has been music director for many of the period plays produced at the festival. You can catch Mistress Ditty at the maypole and in the village.
Bob and Sue Esty - Harp and Voice
Bob and Sue Esty - Harp and Voice Bob Esty - harp, voice, pennywhistle. Sue Esty- harp, voice, bowed psaltry, drum. Bob and Sue perform Renaissance, Celtic, and folk music on harp, bowed psaltery, drum, voice, and whatever other instrument comes close to hand!
Fol-de-Rol, folk songs and madrigals
Fol-de-Rol, folk songs and madrigals April Curnow, Sharon McKinley, Ellen Waff The family-friendly vocal trio encourages audience participation, especially by children. Find them in the pathways and at Crooked Cottage stage on 8/25,26; 10/6,7.
James of Perry Hall, drummer & percussionist
James of Perry Hall, drummer & percussionist James Gummer James has been part of the “soundtrack” of the festival since 1997. Visit him online at www.jamesgummer.com