The Festival has ended for 2018. Thank you to all our visitors for a wonderful season and we look forward to seeing you August 24, 2019.
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Stage, Street Acts & Royal Court Events (2019 updates will be included soon.)

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Aerial Silk Fantasy
Aerial Silk Fantasy Aerial Silk fantasy will dazzle and delight you with amazing aerial work high above the audiences at the Globe Theatre! https://www.facebook.com/Aerial-Silk-Fantasy-165092683574752/
Archery Demonstration
Archery Demonstration James Frank, director See a demonstration of the English longbow - the weapon that changed the history of Britain. This informative demonstration will also include the use of bows handmade in our village Militia tent. Performed in the Jousting Field. http://www.period-productions.com/
Barely Balanced: Couples Therapy
Barely Balanced: Couples Therapy Returning to Revel Grove, it is Small (Margaret) and Medium (Cameron) from Barely Balanced, in a special two person acrobatic comedy show at the Blackfriars. Performing 9/8.9 .
Bertram Ripley's 'Fun With Science!'
Bertram Ripley's 'Fun With Science!' Bertram Ripley, noted alchemist, astrologer, natural philosopher and the most brilliant scholar in the tri-county area returns to Revel Grove with an all-new program of science for the sixteenth century. Using audience interaction, games, demonstrations, and his unique insights, he will present the latest understanding of how the world operates. Packed into his 20 minute show are his theories for transmuting lead into gold, finding your inner alchemist, organizing nature, health and beauty tips, and answers to all of your questions. Take this trip with him out of the dark ages and into the modern world of the sixteenth century. He will be appearing daily at the Reveler's Bower. In addition, he has a 10 minute children's show daily at the Crooked Cottage Stage, of pretty much the same thing, except with puppets.
Cakes & Ale.  Food and Drink in Tudor England
Cakes & Ale. Food and Drink in Tudor England Presented by the Mayor's cook, Mistress Cecily Clack, this show features different receipts (recipes) from the 16th century and earlier each weekend. This humorous but educational take on period dishes and eating & drinking habits will tantalize even the most discerning palates. Each week features a special ingredient chosen by previous Cakes & Ale attendees! At Reveler’s Bower.
Company Men
Company Men Who logs the monologues? Who pays the playbills? Who cracks you up in triplicate? The Company Men do. Mr. Pace & Mr. Humm make Shakespeare their business, and your pleasure! Spencer Humm (of Hack & Slash) and Duncan Pace (of London Broil Show) lovingly combine classic comedy, wobbly wordplay, and signature songs into non-stop historical laughter! Meetings are merry and mandatory. Make sure to pencil yourself in -- twice daily on the Gatehouse Stage 8/25 - 9/3
Conundrum, street puzzler
Conundrum, street puzzler Todd Brown. Conundrum will confound you with amazing tricks and puzzles. Encounter his magic in the pathways.
The Danger Committee
The Danger Committee Jason "Other One" LeMay, Mick "Bald Guy" Lunzer, Caleb "Reynaldo" McEwan. Their unique blend of the hilarious and the dangerous while performing unbelievable feats of skill has made The Danger Committee one of the most talked about acts in the country. www.thedangercommittee.com Performing at the Blackfriars from 10/6 - 10/21.
Dario El Gaucho
Dario El Gaucho New this season! Dario was born in the Pampas of Argentina, moved to the United States in 1986 became a US Citizen in 1998. He has performed in many venues which include, Disney World, Sea World, Theme Parks, Circus, Night clubs, Hotels and Casinos. And, he is currently working on Cruise ships around the world. Based in Miami, Dario has toured throughout Europe, South America, Japan and the United States. At the Fortune Stage.
DeBracey Productions
DeBracey Productions New this season! The Festival welcomes DeBracey Productions to the jousting arena, where they will present exciting shows featuring amazing trick riding, thrilling combat, and jousting! Performing at 12pm, 3pm & 6pm each day.
Dinty the Moor
Dinty the Moor Brian Wendell Morton. Dinty, “the most honest man in the village”, will amuse and amaze you with daring feats of dishonesty, culminating in a two-man fight to the Death! Or, something very close to it! See Dinty at the Lyric Stage and Boars Head Tavern. http://www.liesofbrian.com/
Escuela Estafa
Escuela Estafa See Diego Natividad de la Estafa show you three historic real-world street swindles and why you shouldn't risk your hard-earned money playing them. "Fast & Loose," "The Shell Game" and the Three Card Monte are demonstrated, along with the one and only lesson to be learned: "Don't Play These Games For Money!
Fables, Fantasies, and Fortunes!
Fables, Fantasies, and Fortunes! Cosmo (Charles F. Murray) will delight you with his unfortunate fortunes and silly predictions. See him in both the pathways an onstage. Stage shows include comedy, music, and audience interaction.
Fight Corps: The Village Militia
Fight Corps: The Village Militia Fight Corps, directed by Tom Plott. Fight Choreogrpahers: James Frank, Geoff Thompson. Fight Captains: Mike Martin, Casey Severn. Fight Corps members are actors/stage combatants who play members of the village militia. See them perform stage combat in the pathways, and their own stage show at the Globe Theatre.
Fight School
Fight School Rapier Wit-Blunt Comedy-Dangerous Laughter! James Frank, Geoff Thompson, Casey Severn, Mike Martin. The Fight School boys are back for three weekends - 9/15 - 9/30- with a show full of comedy, stage combat, and fascinating historical information on weapons and the art of fighting. At the Globe.
A Fool Named 'O' and
A Fool Named 'O' and "LaLa' Mark Jaster- A Fool named "O",Sabrina Mandell - "LaLa". Family-friendly physical antics and classic knock-about comedy. A Fool Named "O" has endeared himself to Festival audiences forover 20 years. "O" and his partner, "LaLa" mix classic routines and new material again this year as they have since 2005. At the Lyric Stage. www.happenstancetheater.com photo by Lisa Julia