The Festival has ended for 2018. Thank you to all our visitors for a wonderful season and we look forward to seeing you August 24, 2019.
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Stage Acts, Street Acts & Royal Court Events

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Once Upon A Whim Puppets
Once Upon A Whim Puppets Susan and Robert Meyer. Join the adventure as Calvin the Castle Keeper, Iona the Dragon and their friends try to stop Sir Nasty the Friendless from taking over the kingdom. Be prepared for intrigue and laughter every weekend on the Crooked Cottage Stage. The show is suitable for all ages. http://www.onceuponawhimpuppets.com
Out of the Box Mimes
Out of the Box Mimes Cybele Pomeroy, Garrett Pomeroy, Alaina Pomeroy, Erin Tarpley. What’s going on? Silent shenanigans in the street! Whether on stilts, blowing fabulous bubbles or fooling around on the ground, Out of the Box is a visual treat. They are sure to delight your eyes and warm your heart in the pathways of Revel Grove, performing 9/8 - 10/21.
The Perfect Touch with Columbina
The Perfect Touch with Columbina Michele Schultz. A courtesan was a well-educated independent woman who was believed to have high standards and very loose morals. That may be true, but Columbina would never tell...for free. Find out what makes this Courtesan the best of the best. Join Columbina for bawdy music, laughter, and more as she shows you how she achieved "The Perfect Touch." PG for mature themes. http://www.taskmaskers.com/index.htm
Pirate Escape
Pirate Escape Pirates are the scourge of the seven seas and the law is clear that they must be hunted down and captured. It’s also clear that we all want to see them escape, to sail again. Horatio Bachsjumpor, aka Captain Nobeard (Matthew Pauli), is always prepared in case he is captured. He will be shackled, chained, and secured in a crate. Can he slip his bonds and escape? At the Lyric Stage.
Poggio Broccolini
Poggio Broccolini Catch him in the variety act of a mostly balanced and somewhat accurate principled pursuit of pleasure. (Here previously as Daniel Forlano.) 9/1- 9/9 at the Lyric Stage.
Puke & Snot
Puke & Snot Mark Sieve, Scott Jorgenson. One of the longest running and most successful acts in the history of renaissance festivals. Intense wit, flashy swordfights, and organic vegetables: the laughs come in waves, often at racetrack speed. Their comedy owes as much to Abbott and Costello as it does to Avon’s Bard. A gallant romp of hysterical fun. http://www.pukensnot.com/ Performing at the Royal Stage on 10/6 - 10/21.
The Queen's Singers :  A Royal W(h)ine
The Queen's Singers : A Royal W(h)ine Stephanie Phelan, music director. Even royalty needs to vent sometimes! The Queen's Singers show their real feelings in a Royal W(h)ine fest; a bit of song and scuttlebutt. At the Reveler's Bower. Photo by David Sadowsky
The Renaissance Man
The Renaissance Man Elizabethan England’s greatest actor of tragedy, Ned Alleyn, presents a hysterically historical discourse on Tudor life as you ne’er knew it! Ned will regale you with embarrassingly true tales of the Queen, his own rivalry with Shakespeare, and other topics ranging from hygiene & health, romance & religion, science, superstition, and Shakespeare's stage! And juggling! 8/25-8/26
Renaissance Rumble
Renaissance Rumble Starring Joe Grasso, John Kelso, Mike Martin, Casey Severn, John Dickson Wakefield. Do you love everything about Shakespeare except for all of those words? Have you ever wished Hamlet would stop complaining and do something about his problems BEFORE ACT FIVE? Are tights simply not masculine enough for you? Then trade in those tights for a big manly unitard, and step into the arena as Renaissance Rumble presents: Shakespeare in the Ring! Join your host, William Shakespeare, as he presents his most famous fight scenes as they were always meant to be seen - with less exposition and more headlocking, body-slamming violence! Rated PG http://www.renaissancerumble.com/ Performing six weekends: 8/25-9/9, and 10/6 - 10/21.
Robin Hood & Maid Marian
Robin Hood & Maid Marian Special guests for Children's Weekend! (August 26th & 27th) Returning to Revel Grove are Robin Hood and Maid Marian (Patrick and JoNell Franz). They present interactive shows where kids are the stars. Don't miss them!
Royal Event: The Royal Welcome
Royal Event: The Royal Welcome Written by: Carolyn Spedden Directed by Randy Dalmas The Mayor and his family official welcome the royal court to celebrate the harvest festival. This morning show is an excellent primer for all festival guests as you will meet the villagers and court, and learn the gossip which will propel the court & village drama throughout the day. 10:30am at Gatehouse Stage. Photo by Melissa Jo York-Tilley.
A Royal Court Show: False Hope and Foolish Dreams
A Royal Court Show: False Hope and Foolish Dreams Written by Carolyn Spedden; Directed by Brian Douglas The Royal Court is always a place of schemes and plots, but never so much as in 1529. The King had hoped for a quick annulment of his marriage to Queen Katherine, but he is now in the second year of delays, which is causing great frustration to both the King and Anne Boleyn. Cardinal Wolsey knows the knives are out for him at Court, and if he fails to secure the annulment for the King, he could be dismissed from Court...or worse. And Queen Katherine is adamant that her marriage is legitimate and will not quietly enter a convent. She will fight for her marriage to the bitter end! This 25 minute show is performed at the Globe Theatre.
Royal Event: The Closing Ceremony and Royal Farewell
Royal Event: The Closing Ceremony and Royal Farewell Join the villagers at 6:55pm at the gate to bid the King, Queen, and Royal Court a final farewell in this brief official closing ceremony.
Shakespeare's  Henry VIII
Shakespeare's Henry VIII The Acting Company presents Shakespeare's Henry VIII. Directed by Mary Ann Jung. This 50 minute production will focus on the rise of Anne Boleyn, Henry and Katherine's annulment trial at Blackfriars, and the fall of Cardinal Wolsey. Performed at the Globe Theatre
Shakespeare's Skum
Shakespeare's Skum Carolyn Spedden, who is the writer and director too. Liz Demery, Stephon Walker, Steve Wannall. “Absolute genius parodies of the Bard’s work” - City Paper. Taking the text from the Bard's greatest plays and adding their own special brand of humor, these thirty minutes adaptations are funny to those unfamiliar with Shakespeare and even funnier to those who know the plays. This season the Skummers will perform the oft requested Tag-Tam Romeo & Juliet (AARP version), the Skummy classic Macbeth In 20 Minutes or Less, and the tragically ridiculous Othello: Just Having A Bad Day. At the Globe. Don't say you weren't warned.
STREETspeare Brevity is the soul of wit! STREETspeare is the festival's unique program to present a bit of the Bard, and works from other medieval and renaissance writers, into the pathways of Revel Grove. Scenes will run between 4 - 10 minutes long. Collect all of them! A listing of the scenes, times, and locations plus a special STREETspeare playing card will be available at Customer Service!