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Stage Acts, Street Acts & Royal Court Events

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Vixens En Garde
Vixens En Garde New this season! This talented and tempting trio swashbuckle their way through Shakespeare using daring swordplay, witty repartee, and a naughty sense of humor—all in an interactive fast-paced show that will keep you on the edge of your seat!
The Walking Tree Man
The Walking Tree Man On September 23rd and 24th you may find one of the trees in Revel Grove is talking to you. Don't be alarmed - it is Oakley, the walking tree man, who will amaze and delight your entire family!
Wheel of Death
Wheel of Death Grant Murray. Death defying, daring and dangerous. Ichabod Wainwright will run, jump, flip and more atop the worlds only wooden wheel of death! A three story tall rotating contraption built to defy gravity and equilibrium. Come see Ichabod attempt the impossible! Near the Chapel & Fortune Stage.Don't miss it!