THANKS FOR A GREAT SEASON! The Festival is closed for 2017. We will be posting updates about the 2018 season in the near future.
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Who's Who in our In-House Cast

Royal Court

  • King Henry VIII

    Fred Nelson
  • Queen Katherine of Aragon

    Stephanie Phelan
  • Mistress Anne Boleyn

    Heather Howard
  • Cardinal Thomas Wolsey

    Gene Valendo
  • Thomas Boleyn, Viscount Rochford

    Brian Douglas
  • Elizabeth Boleyn, Viscountess Rochford

    Ruta Douglas Smith
  • Sir Thomas More

    Steven Edward Kirkpatrick
  • Master Thomas Cromwell

    Mark A. Korol-Evans
  • Alice, Lady More

    Judy Streeb
  • Sir Henry Norris

    Michael Burgtorf
  • Sir Francis Bryan

    Glen Pearson
  • Master George Boleyn

    Fred Fletcher-Jackson
  • Maria de Salinas, Baroness Willoughby de Eresby

    Laurie Simonds
  • Mistress Margaret Wyatt

    Sarah Dunne
  • Mistress Margaret 'Madge' Shelton

    Maureen Dawson
  • Royal Guards

    Ray Partenheimer, Joseph Abernethy
  • Royal Trumpeters

    Bonni Beebe, Nathan Durham
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Visitors to the Royal Court and Village

  • Jean Cabot, the Pirate Queen

    Mary Ann Jung
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The Village

  • Mayor Francis Yaxley

    Mayor Francis Yaxley

    John Sadowsky
  • Mistress Imogen Yaxley, Mayoress of Revel Grove

    Mistress Imogen Yaxley, Mayoress of Revel Grove

    Emily Karol
  • Sir Walter Yaxley, Justice of the Peace

    Sir Walter Yaxley, Justice of the Peace

    Randy Dalmas
  • Thomas Bodley, steward to the Mayor

    Thomas Bodley, steward to the Mayor

    Charles Boyington
  • Cecily Clack, cook

    Cecily Clack, cook

    K. Tony Korol-Evans
  • Constance Clack, maid to the Yaxleys

    Constance Clack, maid to the Yaxleys

    Erin Branigan
  • Drake Mansworth, sheriff

    Drake Mansworth, sheriff

    Thomas Plott
  • Richard Mondes, Mayor of Tiddington

    Richard Mondes, Mayor of Tiddington

    Cory Jones
  • Rowland Kent, Baron Albury

    Rowland Kent, Baron Albury

    Yoni Gray
  • Mistress Judith Berners

    Mistress Judith Berners

    Shaina Higgins
  • Benedict Sly, witch hunter

    Benedict Sly, witch hunter

    Keegan Cassady
  • William Scruby, farmer

    William Scruby, farmer

    Eli Pendry
  • Sarah Scruby, shepherdess

    Sarah Scruby, shepherdess

    Taylor Payne
  • Caoimhe (pronounced Keeva) McDonagh, alewife

    Caoimhe (pronounced Keeva) McDonagh, alewife

    Melissa McGinley
  • William Whithicke, tapster

    William Whithicke, tapster

    Randy Snight
  • Henry 'Harry' Knuckles

    Henry 'Harry' Knuckles

    John Lasher
  • Carmita Romero, adventurer

    Carmita Romero, adventurer

    Natalie Fairchild
  • Nikolai Petrov, adventurer

    Nikolai Petrov, adventurer

    Joe Grasso
  • Reese Mansworth

    Reese Mansworth

    Mallory Shear
  • Rowan Mansworth

    Rowan Mansworth

    Katie McCarren
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Fight Corps - The Village Militia

  • Nymblewyke: James Frank
  • Captain Julienne Romero: Geoff Thompson
  • Dash Rippington: Casey M. Severn
  • Hamish Stuart: Mike Martin
  • Henry "Harry" Knuckles: John Lasher
  • Nikolai Petrov: Joe Grasso
  • Carmita Gonzalez Romero: Natalie Fairchild
  • Reese Mansworth: Mallory Shear
  • Rowan Mansworth: Katie McCarren

Street Acts: Actors and Variety Artists

  • Conundrum, street magicianTodd A. Brown
  • Henry Hawkins, Master at Arms: Norman Cary
  • Robert Cooper, spinner: Eric Crouse
  • Elizabeth 'Bess' Chatborne, armourer's widow: SaraBeth Dukes
  • Eowyn Trotter: Eowyn Ellison
  • Nymblewyke and his flea circusJames Frank
  • Nan Mannerly: Anne Frates
  • Hoop Artist: Erin Jeannier
  • Sir Jack Halifax: Rick Herlinger
  • Mabel Ascombe, silkwomanElisabeth Herman
  • Nature of MercyTawn Jones, Simon Yeager
  • Diego Natividad de la Estafa AKA Dinty the Moor, swindlerBrian Wendell Morton
  • Fables, Fantasies & Fortunes: Charles F. Murray
  • Out of the Box: Cybelle Pomeroy, Erin Tarpley, Garrett Pomeroy and Alaina Pomeroy
  • Mimi the Mime: Cybelle Pomeroy
  • Sir Real, the Puppet Man: Gabriel Quick
  • Emily Needles, knitter: Emilie Sadowsky
  • Columbina Andreini,  MustardseedMichele G. Schultz
  • Juggling School: Heather Torisino, manager